Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lonesome Liz with Jesco White

Jesco at the Ryman

with Jesco White

Jesco's for law and order the way that it should be.
This song's about one night he went to Nashville Tennessee.
He'd been called a dancin outlaw in many a magazine.
So they'd booked him at the Ryman with the Black Keys.

He left Boone Co with a posse like Nashville'd never seen.
He had Mamie with him and his girlfriend Beverly.
Nashville wanted Jesco like they thought he should be
but he did everything but dance according to Mamie.

Nashville thought the Jesco business done got out of hand.
What started out to be a joke the law wouldn't understand.
Was it the Markers Mark that made him get so out of hand?
Nashville thought the Jesco business done got out of hand.

He had the whole crowd rockin' but soon Mamie's chargin' in;
'cause that dancin' outlaw'd done got outta hand again.
She had to pull him off the stage at the Ryman.
Just like Johnny Cash & Waylon; Jesco fit right in.

Then Jesco decided that he wanted barbeque.
Next thing you know he's lost his goddamn shoes.
Someone made a call to Wildweed and old Cuz saw him through.
They'd wound up on a park bench beside the Daily News.

Nashville thought, etc

They somehow got a cab and Jesco thought he would see
what it would sound like if he smacked the driver's head a time or two or three.
The guy thought they were gonna kill him, "I'm gonna call the law" he told Mamie.
Mamie said, "If I'm goin to jail ain't gonna be in Tennessee!"

Well the finally made it back to the hotel where Jesco stayed,
that's where he decided he'd been subjected to foul play.
He was gonna get revenge and he was gettin' it today!
He took it out on that hotel room, tore it up the outlaw way.

Nashville thought, etc

Nashville wanted Jesco the way they thought he should be;
just like he is in that song about him by Hank III.
Was it singin' through his nose, the Marker's Mark or Mamie?
That posse from Boone County like somethin' Nashvilled' never seen.

Nashville thought, etc

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